Design Incubator is a monthly creative event, sponsored by FFKR’s Professional Development Committee, meant to spark creativity with a unique challenge every month and provide a forum for discussion and collaboration. The inaugural event presented the group with the “design challenge” described below. Teams broke out into 20 minute work sessions to think, draw, and conceptualize their ‘solution.’ The group came back together to share their individual creations and describe their thought process with open questions and comments from others. 

“Taking a cue from nature, the independent shapes are meshed together as one, similar to how a mushroom on a tree trunk may be differentiated from the host yet part of the singular and unique symbiosis of the overall form.” — Trent

“Sculptural expressing a difficult moving balance with connection through the core of all the elements.” — Ben

“Stacked geometries on weekend plans. Single point perspective. Ink on printed trail map.” — Jerry

 “A playful illusion of scale slows down the thoughts and brings attention to the numerical relationship of three geometries, 1:2:6.” —Wanwei

“Balancing and stacking the objects and shapes took on an organic feel when paired with light.  Something that I saw as rigid, large, and oppressive in the beginning was molded into something familiar, like the shape of a shoe.” — Jessica

“3D composition sketch reflected the initial idea, mostly subconscious in nature, of how the few given geometrical volumes are interconnected, in order to create possible architectural/sculptural solution.” — Goran

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