• Biofire Manufacturing Cleanroom

BioFire Diagnostics

BioFire Diagnostics is a Salt Lake City-based biomedical research, development, and production company originally housed in four buildings in the University of Utah’s Research Park. In 2013 BioFire merged with bioMerieux, a French company that is a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics. The FilmArray system invented and produced by BioFire has set a new standard in molecular diagnostics, and BioFire’s association with bioMerieux will facilitate worldwide growth. The anticipation of continued rapid growth, combined with the inefficiencies inherent with operations spread over four separate buildings, has necessitated the development of a new facility.

BioFire’s new facility houses all of their research, development, administrative, and production facilities, including space for growth. The large footprint of the facility is driven by the need to have 90,000 sf of biomedical manufacturing space on a single floor. On other floors, office space is organized in bars surrounding engineering, electronics manufacturing, wet labs, BSL-3 labs, PCR array rooms, and other functions that are less desirous of natural light. Collaborative gathering spaces are located at the intersections of the office bars, where they are afforded expansive views of the stunning landscape surrounding the site. Office spaces are carefully designed to be collaborative, yet provide a working environment conducive to focused concentration.