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Bogue Supply

Dating back to 1904, the Bogue Supply Building was originally built for Salt Lake Engineering Works and used as the warehouse of a foundry building. The brick building with lightweight steel trusses housed a large bridge crane under a high monitor pitched roof. The Bogue Supply Company, a mining machinery retailer, occupied a small portion of the west side of the building until 1930 when it took control of the entire building.

The simple, elegant volume of sturdy, straightforward building materials appealed to the owners of FFKR when they were looking for a new office location. The design approach for the renovation was to alter as little as possible in order to retain the original character of the building. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Because of the words “Bogue Supply Building” prominently painted on the north elevation (circa the 1940s), the building is commonly referred to as the Bogue Building. It is Salt Lake City’s earliest example of an industrial warehouse entirely supported by a steel frame.