Polk Elementary Rebuild

Ogden School District tasked FFKR’s K-12 Education Studio to integrate 21st-century teaching pedagogy into the renovation and addition of the original Polk School, which was constructed on Ogden’s east bench in 1926. For the past year, our team has worked with the district, administrators, teachers, and community to create a design solution that complements the existing school and creates a bridge to the future of learning.

The existing structure is limited in flexibility and requires significant structural upgrades that will compress the already small classrooms. Because of these limiting factors, the design quickly focused on placing the flexible learning suites in the building’s addition and re-purposing the existing facility for administration and specialty classrooms such as art, music, and maker spaces.

Flexible learning suites capture natural daylight, promote public practice through transparency, and focus on safety with their ability to be isolated from the rest of the school. The use of natural materials and colors provide biophilic environments tied to better student performance. The addition design includes photovoltaic panels on the roof.