SeaTac Hotel

In close collaboration with Stack Modular, we sought to redefine the airport hotel experience with a higher level of design and amenities. The tight urban site and the expensive Seattle construction market made the decision to go modular easy. Factory quality control and superior acoustics of modular construction offer guests the best stay in a neighborhood crowded with options. Dual branding means that guests have the option of an efficient business commuter room with European touches or an extended stay suite with a full working kitchen and expanded living area. Large windows reveal views of the Sound and the mountain range beyond.

An emphasis on health and wellness permeates throughout the hotel, a daylit lobby filled with living plants, the bar and dining area emphasizing fresh food options, an expanded gym with premium equipment, and an indoor/ outdoor pool. Five levels of modules are arranged in an S curve above the amenity deck to create a contrast that is noticed from the street, elevated train, and the air. The folded aluminum cladding has an understated subtlety that changes with every view and throughout the day.