X-Pointe Innovations Campus

X-Pointe Innovations (XPI) and its proposed campus will significantly enhance and expand the state’s life science and healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and software and IT industry clusters while future XPI projects and tenants will enhance the financial services industry cluster.

Organized around the interwoven core concepts of molecular structure and circuitry, X-Pointe presents the city of Draper and the State of Utah with the unique opportunity to create a life science technology hub for the next generation of innovation and discovery. A central node is placed at the convergence of the Point of the Mountain Central Park and Xenter Tower to mark a rich mixed-use urban experience with layers of retail, transit, green space, and future hospitality. Secondary organizational nodes are set back into the campus and disperse a civic network that the life science development weaves through to establish a vibrant and creative community.

The organic molecular forms embed themselves into the landscape and blur the boundary of individual buildings to create a unified campus experience. Simultaneously, an overlay of interconnected modular circuits as both occupiable space and landscape encourages a wide range of spatial conditions which help foster interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration.

The 120-acre master plan was completed in collaboration with Ennead Architects, XENTER, Colliers International, and X-Pointe Innovations.