FFKR has embraced Virtual Reality and in the last year created a dedicated “VR Lounge” for engaging clients and owners. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce detailed and accurate photo-realistic renderings for the most discerning of clients. There is no question that FFKR has the skill to create at the high-level necessary for a stringent approval process required before moving forward with design and construction. Our commitment to innovation supports our clients, helps them minimize risk, increases their success thereby earning their trust has repeat clients returning to work with us. FFKR has even be hired solely for our 3D studio. Many companies know that pairing innovation with our expertise in architecture and design delivers a better product than hiring a stand-alone 3D studio.

Results of Visualization include:

  1. Understanding of design choices in real-time
  2. Avoiding costly project design changes in time and money
  3. Improved design efficiencies
  4. Educates the public and aids in raising funds

Our 3D Studio team exemplifies FFKR’s commitment to industry leaders as they continue to make themselves the experts of visualization in the Salt Lake valley. They continually progress their skills and abilities with self-study or by attending conferences to learn about and incorporate new software plug-ins, programs, and tools.

FFKR implements several layers and degrees of visualization depending on the needs and challenges of our projects. These techniques include photo-realistic rendering, fly-through, animation, and immersive virtual reality.

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