Mandy Martineau, Associate at FFKR Architects

Ms. Martineau is a project architect and associate with FFKR Architects hailing from the University of Idaho. During Mandy’s 14-year career she has been involved in projects varying in building typologies including: multi-family housing, higher education, food service, civic, and most recently, religious architecture. This latest focus has allowed her to work in styles ranging from Federalist/Georgian to Art Deco. She has a passion for creative problem-solving with a unique approach for arriving at solutions, whether modeled in 3D, sculpted in clay, built in Legos, or drawn at 1:1 scale and hung from a balcony. She is heavily involved with the design motifs and ornamentation that support religious architecture such as art glass, column capitals, ornamental railings and other embellishments. She loves the challenge of creating cohesive floor plans coordinated with strong massing. Her favorite project to work on so far has been an LDS temple in Tucson, where she was able to oversee the project from start to finish and enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

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