Hyrum Manwaring Student Center Addition and Remodel

The Manwaring Student Center is BYU-Idaho’s hub for student association and activity. It includes a bookstore, information center, yearbook offices, two convenience stores, and a bowling alley.

The Center offers a laptop lounge area, multi-use classrooms, quiet student study areas, lounge spaces, and music practice rooms that double as study rooms. A ballroom accommodates banquets, theatrical productions, dances, and other large group activities. A more intimate special events room hosts smaller banquets, receptions, and lectures. A 455-seat testing center also opened in Fall 2011.

Unlike many other universities, BYU-Idaho has combined student government, intramural sports, service programs, social events, and outdoor recreation activities into a student-led activities program. The home base for the activities program is located on the first floor of the building, just off a major circulation spine. The open office space uses the latest technology in modular post-and-beam office furniture to support the flexibility needed for a variety of meetings as students plan and implement events and activities.

The project included a significant renovation and expansion of the food service and dining areas. The dining capacity was increased from 265 to 1,250, with a kitchen designed to serve 1,000 people every 30 minutes during peak hours. The kitchen was vastly expanded and received a full equipment upgrade. A smaller bagel and smoothie shop is located next to the activities program space on the first floor.