BYU-Idaho Center

The BYU-Idaho Center is a 435,000-square-foot multi-use facility in Rexburg, Idaho. The two primary components for
the new facility are a 15,000-seat auditorium that provides a gathering space for all students and faculty for weekly devotional services and a new physical fitness sports center to support the school’s intramural sports program. These two functions are connected by a light and airy three-story atrium that serves not only as circulation for the auditorium but as study and contemplation space for the students and faculty. The lobby also houses a collection of religious artwork
that centers around the school’s Christian roots.

The auditorium is designed to provide space for devotionals, graduation, convocations, musical performances, dance concerts, and other student productions. Two cantilevered balconies allow for unobstructed views for those seated on the main level. The 106-foot wide stage is large enough to accommodate a vast array of production types and is supported by a simplified fly-loft and catwalk system. In conjunction with the auditorium are a smaller studio and state-of-the-art broadcast center that includes an array of audio, production, and video control rooms. From this facility, BYU-Idaho can broadcast edited programs across the world.