Boncom is a full-service advertising agency, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, that specializes in bridging the gap between belief and behavior through advertising, experience design, branding, and behavioral psychology. The company experienced rapid growth in the last couple of years and quickly outgrew their portion of a downtown office tower. FFKR took their previous “undefined”office space -meaning that the area didn’t represent their character or ideals – and created a work environment that told the story of who they are and what they offer, through an aesthetic that is different than anything the city currently has to offer with a mood and feel of a home away from home.

We partnered with Boncom to provide a neutral canvas and backdrop for them to execute their work. Implementing the critical elements of teamwork and collaboration, was integral to the design flow of the office. Great care was taken to keep the proximity of a team leader’s office with the team pods – of open co-working spaces – so to promote direct communication and coordination. Another objective was flexibility – because of the nature of advertising, the project scopes and team configurations are constantly changing, so one selected piece of furniture, gave each employee a mobile pod for all their belongings to conveniently be stored and moved when they are reassigned.

The office includes multiple open lounge areas in various types from collaboration spaces to conference rooms and smaller phone booths available for the individual or team. The breakroom was moved from the dark core of the building to a prime corner location with a 90-degree view and direct outdoor roof deck access. This space is not just for eating purposes but includes flexible space and a range of seating for impromptu gatherings.