Brigham City Utah Temple

The Brigham City Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands prominently across the street from the historic Box Elder Stake Tabernacle in downtown Brigham City, a farming community an hour’s drive north of Salt Lake City. The Brigham City Utah Temple is a three-story building with two towers, clad in bright white precast concrete panels with carefully designed relief and detail. The building was designed specifically to be reminiscent, in massing and character, of the pioneer-era temples built in the 19th century, including the iconic Salt Lake Temple. The farming community of Brigham City is famous for its annual fruit crop, so the building is embellished with a stylized five-petal fruit blossom motif. This image is expressed on the exterior fence, in large medallions on the precast concrete panels, in large round art glass windows, and on custom carpets and carved ornamentation throughout the building.