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David W. Bernolfo
Center for Global Vision
Moran Eye Center

The Bernolfo Center for Global Vision is the home base for the Moran Eye Center’s global outreach efforts. The 4,000 square-foot Center houses training lab and simulation spaces, equipment storage and staging, administration offices, touchdown stations for visiting international doctors, a team collaboration hub, and a telehealth-conference-project room designed for real-time connectivity with remote locations around the world. This space provides a co-located team environment that allows for collaborative problem-solving, quick mobilization for worldwide travel, and a platform for the cross-pollination of ideas back and forth between the center and remote field locations.

The center is designed to engage visitors and staff with the brand identity of the Center for Global Vision. The open environment, beginning with the glass entry off of the Moran lobby, invites passersby to enter and visually connect with the global outreach effort. This is reinforced through the use of bright colors, images, and objects brought back from outreach trips, transparent conference and office walls, and the minimal use of enclosed spaces. The result is a space that encourages exploration and shares the Center’s mission with the broader public.