Draper Utah Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Draper Utah Temple is a modern structure that was conceived from the ground up and designed specifically for this site. FFKR Architects worked closely with design architects from the Church to deliver a temple that was comparatively smaller to those previously built in Utah. The Draper Temple, in conjunction with a separate temple project in South Jordan, Utah, was meant to alleviate the influx of temple patrons at the nearby Jordan River Temple.

The Temple has a lower level and two upper levels with mechanical, building support, baptistry and ordinance rooms. Patrons can enter the baptistry through a monumental secondary entrance on the north at ground level. The main floor is accessed by a bronze main entry door on the east through a covered portico.

The temple reflects a radial design. The Celestial Room, at the heart of the building, is expressed vertically through the upright design of the central building massing and tower crowning overhead, which is topped by a gold-leafed statuary angel iconic to temples. Glass windows are generously located throughout, emphasizing the vertical nature of the building and contrasting the large massing that grounds the corners of the building. The exterior is clad in soft gray granite with intricate detailing and workmanship. The craftsmanship is carried throughout the interior with the use of granites, exotic woods and fine textiles that complement the intuitive interior furnishings design.