Miller Motorsports Park

Miller Motorsports Park was conceived as a major national road race event center to attract premier racing events to Utah. Unsurpassed by any venue of its kind in North America, Miller Motorsports Park has set a national standard in the design of road racing and karting facilities. In 2006, it was named “Motorsports Facility of the Year” by the Professional Motorsports World Expo in Germany.

Miller Motorsports Park features exceptional corporate facilities designed to attract sponsors and corporate involvement in a wide range of activities, both on and off the track. In addition to the track, the facility includes a clubhouse, which often hosts full banquets and conferences; retail stores; and an auto museum containing part of the late Larry Miller’s world-renowned collection of automobiles, artwork, and memorabilia. Six different spectator areas feature raised spectator banks, restrooms, concessions, nearby parking, and other amenities.