Moxy Phoenix Downtown

The Moxy Phoenix Downtown at the Luhrs Building embodies urban renewal development at its best. It represents a significant investment in placemaking, leveraging an existing property to bring new vitality, commerce, and beauty to a previously blank spot in the downtown fabric. The iconic building was prime for renewal because of its location, across Jefferson from CityScape and one block West of the Footprint Arena. PEG Development and FFKR Architects took a nearly hundred-year-old asset that had previously served a variety of uses, most recently as county attorney’s offices, and breathed new life through extensive adaptive reuse. The effort to carefully thread new guestroom plumbing, mechanical, and electrical throughout the 11-story concrete structure while maintaining systems shared with the existing street-front bar, penthouse office tenants, and the larger block was a painstaking effort orchestrated by Okland Construction and their subcontractor teams.