Orem Utah Temple

The design of the Orem Utah Temple is simple and straightforward yet rich in detail. The temple has subtle design cues from the Art Nouveau style with its own unique interpretation. The temple is located near Utah Lake’s shores with the backdrop of the Wasatch mountains to the east, within a short distance of the Utah Valley University campus.

The building is symmetrical and straightforward in massing with classical proportioning, with a central tower taking its design cues from stylized organic shapes and flower motifs. The art glass windows further elaborate on the local cherry tree farming history incorporating scenes of cherry trees with budding springtime blossoms in hues of soft pinks, blues, and earth tones. The exterior is comprised of Portuguese granite, light bronze-colored doors, window frames, and paneling. The frieze designs along the roof parapets take their cues from both the mountains and the flora of the nearby Utah Lake’s wetlands.

The interior takes the exterior design further. Prominent spaces elaborate on strong vertical lines and sweeping whimsical arcs and detailing with references to lakeside flora and the local cherry farming history.