Salt Lake City International Airport On-Call Architectural Services

FFKR was selected in 2017 as one of three firms for on-call architectural services for Salt Lake City International Airport (SLCIA). Concurrently the four-year Salt Lake City Terminal Redevelopment project was underway. The three-year on-call contract included a wide variety of architectural projects focused on two main goals:

1) Design and construction of maintenance support and renovation projects of the aging facilities while the new airport was under construction.

2) Design and construction of new facilities to support the growth of the airport service base.

Through the successful on-time and under-budget completion of over twenty individual projects, FFKR was one of two firms to successfully renew its three-year contract in 2020 and again in 2023. Over our seven years working with SLICA, we have completed or are currently working on over 36 projects.

  • SLCIA Site/Landscape Design for Two Sculptures at Airport Entrance
  • SLCIA Concourse A Renovation
  • SLCIA Concourse Delaminating Surfaces Replacement
  • SLCIA Concourse A2 Restrooms Renovation
  • SLCIA Concourse F Restrooms
  • SLCIA Passenger Boarding Bridge Replacement
  • SLCIA Entry Sign Design
  • SLCIA Entry Sign #2 Design
  • Tooele Valley Airport Demo
  • SLCIA Police Station Demo
  • SLCIA Airfield Operations Building Demo
  • SLCIA Employee Screening Building
  • SLCIA Fire Station #12 Roof Replacement
  • SLCIA Fire Station #11 Roof Replacement
  • SLCIA QTA Parking Deck Traffic Coating Replacement
  • SLCIA South Lighting Vault Equipment Storage Building
  • SLCIA Gate #10 Guard Shack & Canopy
  • SLCIA Lot E Pedestrian Canopy
  • SLCIA Sustainability Display #1
  • SLCIA NS-03 Roof Replacement
  • SLCIA NS-15 Roof Replacement
  • SLCIA QTA Mechanical Upgrade
  • SLCIA Gateway Bldg. Restroom Renovations
  • SLCIA Sustainability Display #2
  • SLCIA Gate #39 Guard Shack & Canopy
  • SLCIA CUP Wall Modification
  • SLCIA Spirit Airlines Operations Office
  • SLCIA Equipment Storage Building
  • SLCIA Toilet Carriers Replacement
  • SLCIA Gateway Building Roof Access
  • SLCIA Maintenance Fuel Tanks
  • SLCIA Delta Storage Tenant Improvement
  • SLCIA Ground Transportation Lot Restroom
  • SLCIA NS14 Roof Replacement
  • SLCIA NS1 Roof Replacement
  • SLCIA QTA Elevator Improvements