Wavetronix Corporate Campus Master Plan

Wavetronix, a pioneering traffic company known for its safety control systems, embarked on an ambitious project to create a sustainable campus on a picturesque 75-acre green field bordering Hobble Creek. The master plan focused on green infrastructure, native planting, stormwater management, dark-sky compliance, and other innovative elements prioritizing sustainability and community integration. In addition to the sustainable master plan design, the team developed active vibrant spaces that enhance user experience with comfortable, pedestrian safety, flexible inviting outdoor rooms that are an extension of interior office space.

Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Design: The Wavetronix campus design exemplifies sustainable practices, featuring a range of environmentally conscious elements. The management of stormwater is a key aspect of this design. Instead of traditional asphalt, permeable paving is utilized for parking areas, minimizing the heat-island effect and allowing water to percolate into the ground. Bio swells are incorporated to provide natural drainage, further reducing the impact of stormwater runoff. The project utilized pavers from a nearby manufacturer, reducing transportation-related emissions. This visionary endeavor was coordinated with Waters of the US, incorporating levees and flood control measures.

Wavetronix’s sustainable campus, nestled within the green fields bordering Hobble Creek, exemplifies the fusion of nature, community, and innovative design. With its commitment to green infrastructure, stormwater management, native planting, and community engagement, this campus serves as a shining example of sustainability and inclusivity. By setting a new standard for campuses worldwide, Wavetronix showcases the talents of local graduates and fosters a vibrant community-centered environment that embraces both the charm of rural towns and the benefits of a modern workspace.