Salt Lake Community College
Miller Campus

FFKR developed a nine building, 260,000-square-foot master plan for Salt Lake Community College’s Miller Campus. Constructed in five phases, the plan maximizes the site’s natural grade and views, while incorporating elements from various campus settings. The majority of the decisions were based on the following goals: 

  1. Develop a campus layout that utilizes its rural setting and captures surrounding natural views while maximizing the ratio of buildable square footage to parking. This idea led to the diagonal orientation of the quadrangle. It also led to the inward-curving design of the campus quadrangle, while still allowing the campus to present a public face to the surrounding community. 
  2. Create a hierarchy of green space that reinforces the campus setting and enhances the dichotomy of nature versus the built environment. This hierarchy allows for an exciting interaction between the buildings’ entry conditions and the main campus green space.
  3. Achieve a comprehensive materiality. All the buildings use the same basic materials, with subtle distinguishing details, to create a uniform backdrop that frames the green space as the major investment on the campus.