Shimogamo Sushi and Grill

FFKR Architects worked with Mika Otomo, owner of Shimogamo, Chandler, with remodel work and later was trusted with the tenant improvement of Shimogamo, Gilbert. Shimogamo Gilbert features a sushi bar, dining area, and craft cocktail bar. Unique to this location is its offering of Robatayaki fare –fireside cooking– that can be appreciated while sitting at the sushi bar. Upon entering, you are enveloped with warm tones of Japanese oak and rich stone textures balanced with the bright colors of the delectable Japanese ingredients. Tradition and hospitality informed the material selections and seating arrangements. The atmosphere is fit for a light and bright lunch or a sophisticated and moody evening. The user experience is conveyed through art, tradition, and authenticity, making this location a place of familiarity, curiosity, and comfort. Although it is a familiar sushi experience, there is surprise and curiosity through the delicate details and the hospitality that encourages you to stay.