South Temple Apartments

348 South Temple was once 362 E South Temple, a mid-century modern gem designed for International Business Machines Corp, IBM, an early pioneer in technology. Since then, the structure has served as a home to a grocery Pioneer, American Stores, and, most recently, the Drug Enforcement Agency. Today we are pioneering a unique housing solution and rehabilitating the structure as luxury open-plan apartments. The Historic building will also house the leasing office, clubhouse. It shall contain a number of unique amenities, including a bowling alley, golf simulator, and cafe.

The owner has endeavored several submissions to the city to support restoring the building instead of tearing it down, which would have been much easier. The final solution has been to construct a new eight-story infinity structure, apartment tower immediately south of the existing structure. It has been imperative to design a beautiful building that compliments the elegant lines of the existing building but does not overshadow or mimic the architecture of the IBM Building. The result is a minimalist structure that respects the proportions of the existing apartments with contemporary detail and a refined pallet of materials. The South Temple Apartments are an inspiring addition to the history of South Temple.