The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point

The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point’s Water Tower Plaza is an experience unlike anything in the state of Utah! This 40,000 square foot venue is home to over a thousand butterflies from around the globe. In addition to dozens of species of butterflies, it also has 20 species of tarantulas, beetles as big as your fist, and many more creepy-crawly friends. The project consisted of renovating an existing retail center to become an insect centered interactive experience with the main exhibit space being a glass butterfly enclosure.

The two-story exhibit space allows for exhibits that are not limited in size or scale. As you shrink to the size of a bug in one area, you can also explore insects on a micro-level in another. The built environment within reflects the early concept of “Look Closer.” Mosaic tile murals and other material selections play on scale and graphics.

The experience within the butterfly enclosure is unique in that visitors can experience the tropical environment from multiple vantage points. Visitors can explore around flowering hillsides and walk over the top of the waterfall and pond. Each space provides unique views of the experience and allows you to see butterflies in various microclimates. The project is at the center of Thanksgiving Point and has provided a transformation of the visitor experience.