By Jeremy Morgan

If you saw me around the office last year, you know that I probably haven’t exercised for a while, which is why it’s weird that I ended up in Dallas a couple of weeks ago for a fitness convention. I was there for a project, and I was definitely out of place. It forced me to think of the last time I exercised, and I couldn’t remember when it was. It makes sense why I felt like I was dying on a few hikes this year or why I was sweating so much walking around New York this summer, or why I want to lie down all the time. When I don’t exercise, I get out of shape, get sluggish and tired, and lose energy and motivation. It’s not fun to get back into shape. It hurts for a long time. I know that if I exercise regularly and stay in shape, I can avoid the feelings of low energy and exhaustion and the pain to get back into shape.

It takes exercise to keep our minds in shape

It’s just as easy to let our minds get out of shape, especially during the last mind-numbing year and a half to four and a half years. At times I’ve binged too many shows, scrolled through Instagram for too long, reviewed lighting submittals, made door hardware schedules, or looked at the news for any time at all, and my mind has turned to mush. When this happens, I can’t think creatively, and it’s been painful or even impossible to produce good design.

Like our bodies, it takes exercise to keep our minds in shape. If we don’t do it consistently, it will hurt when we inevitably need to exert ourselves creatively.

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