Design Incubator is a monthly creative event, sponsored by FFKR’s Professional Development Committee, meant to spark creativity with a unique challenge every month and provide a forum for discussion and collaboration. The challenge “Imitating Nature” was shared a week earlier to allow participants to think about and create their concept before meeting as a group to present and share. The challenge parameters were to select an organic photo for inspiration and apply the objects attributes and qualities to an inorganic object. Thank you to those that participated and share their ideas.

“Flower color, layer, transitions. Unfinished embroidery experimentation with stitching.” — Jessica

“Using the Dracaena trifasciata as inspiration for a Global city with buildings reaching skyward with a meandering river and otherworldly sunset. Imaging how an inset would view the plant stands as towering feats—a similar experience I have in a major metropolis like Seoul, London, or New York City” — Roxy

“Using the organic lines drawn from the image of a tree stump, I developed a design for an easily recognized inorganic item. I chose to develop the chair from the stump image because a stump is a natural chair and the play on the concept appealed to me, further drawing the connection between the organic form and the inorganic final product.” — Trent

“Inorganic emulate organic or is it the other way around?” — Heidi

“Beside the task requirement to start with organic inspiration photo, the inorganic image is presented as the possible solution.The personal creativity was not offered, but rather, the image based talking points. At the end the conclusion was that the easiest and the best inspiration, for any human creation, comes from THE NATURE.” — Goran

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