Design Incubator is a monthly creative event, sponsored by FFKR’s Professional Development Committee, meant to spark creativity with a unique challenge every month and provide a forum for discussion and collaboration. Our second event presented the group with the “design challenge” described below.

Individuals broke out into 20 minute work sessions to conceptualize their ‘solution.’ The group came back together to share their individual creations and describe their design with open comments from others.

“The silhouette of the basic form accentuates the boldness of the shape over color. This shape was then mirrored and flipped to create a balanced tension between the voids, drawing the eye diagonally through the composition.”
– Trent

“Particle’s Intention” – Wanwei

“Looking closer, the details display the connection of organic, natural makeup, transforming a vegetable into an intricate system of a brain.” – Roxy

“Everything, when examined closely and conversationally, can be found to be a world all in itself. In this exercise one could simply zoom in to find the story of an entirely other world, with its geography, civilization, life, and history.” – Keyan

“Flying off the page: By whimsically playing in photoshop with tracing lines, and filling in solids, then using the inverse of both objects, the image became active and started to showing directional motion.”
– Jessica

“Loose free flowing and quick in contrast to sharp clean and precise.” – Brandon

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