• Biopolymers-Interior-Lab-bench-researcher-Space

Biomedical Polymers Laboratory

The Biomedical Polymers project scope included removing the existing lab benches and installing new benches to not only increase the efficiency of the wet bench areas but also update and refresh the space. With the strategic removal of a few divider walls and the addition of glazed openings, the labs were opened up allowing better interaction and collaboration between investigators. The remodel also enables the design of various sizes of labs to accommodate different size research programs. On levels 3 and 4 there existed a partial internal lab ‘ghost corridor’ along the east side of the floors. The new design expands and reinforced this internal circulation between the labs to promote collaboration and interaction again.

In addition to some modifications to the wet bench areas, a critical part of the remodel was to remodel existing space or create new space for the specialized lab support spaces needed to execute neuroscience research. Dedicated equipment space for large scientific equipment and several rooms for microscopy were integrated within the wet bench labs.

Supporting the research space, are a large number of faculty office spaces required and a dedicated suite for the Departmental Offices. The existing office areas in Biopolymers located on either side of the atrium on the west side of the building will continue to be utilized to serve these needs. The offices were refreshed with new finishes and furniture, and additional glass to open them up.

The meeting /study/interaction areas adjacent to the atrium were refreshed with new finishes and furniture to enliven these areas. On Level 5 immediately over the atrium, there is a large seminar meeting room that was not utilized to its potential. This space was cleaned out and resurrected to its original use. This space will be an asset for not only neurosciences and the Biopolymers Building but also all of the Health Sciences Center.

By completing this small amount of work in the Biopolymers Building, the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy was able to take another leap forward in the quality of their research space. This, in turn, allows them to continue to attract high-quality research programs and funding dollars to the University of Utah.