Cahoon Mansion Assessment and Historic Structure Report

Built at the turn of the 20th century, the Cahoon Mansion is one of the more prominent historic homes in Murray, Utah. After a number of commercial uses by various owners, the stately mansion is now owned by Murray City. The city has plans to utilize the building as a home for the Murray City Museum but are concerned about the lack of proper maintenance and care the mansion received in the latter years of private ownership.  FFKR was requested to conduct a thorough review and analysis of the exterior to evaluate deterioration. The report was specifically focused on the exterior facade, making careful analysis of the building’s existing conditions. FFKR specifically addressed the following components of the facade and weatherproof envelope of the Mansion; exterior brick and stone masonry, decorative wood elements, porches, lighting, exterior window and door openings, roofing and dormers, landscaping and irrigation, and a non-historic addition.

The conclusions of the report offered the city a description of the deteriorating components and a series of “Good, Better, Best” recommendations for correcting or mitigating the conditions. FFKR also worked closely with Entelen Construction to assist in developing budgetary cost estimates for each of the recommendations.