Laborie / Clinical Innovations

Clinical Innovations, a division of Laborie, is the world’s largest manufacturer of medical devices for Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Neonatal care. They needed to expand the size of their existing manufacturing facility, allowing them to add nearly 6000 square feet of contiguous ISO 7 certified cleanroom to their manufacturing lines.  FFKR worked closely with them to facilitate this expansion in phases without disrupting their manufacturing shifts in the existing portion of their facility. The expansion required a new roof-top air handling unit and upgraded the house exhaust and compressed air systems.

Within the boundaries of the existing building, the project meets the client’s needs for manufacturing expansion by adding lockers, enhancing gowning room efficiencies, increasing the clean room area, and streamlining the materials flow throughout from receiving to storage to manufacturing to packaging to shipping. Challenges to the Project included 100% manufacturing occupancy and production without disruption during the remodel. All of which were coordinated by carefully phasing the construction.