Dorsey & Whitney Law
Tenant Improvement

With the move of their offices to 111 Main, Dorsey & Whitney Law firm sought to transition from their traditional look of heavy wood, Persian rugs, and fireplaces to a more sophisticated office environment. As a national law firm, they wanted to increase their capabilities and presence of their Utah office. Our goal and objective was to design new office spaces that will help them expand their business, and recruit and retain employees. Keeping true to their brand, our design team blended a traditional aesthetic with modern design elements of wood, glass, and stone to create office spaces that are truly unique to this law firm.

Private offices and team huddle rooms are designed to capitalize on the incredible views of the Wasatch Front. Natural light penetrates the entire office through the use of glass on the perimeter office and conference room walls. A balance of collaboration spaces and private offices accommodated their dynamic work force needs. Huddle rooms, collaborative spaces, and a large breakroom encourage teams to work together on cases. To aide in achieving the goal of employee retention, each team at Dorsey & Whitney has their own custom huddle room designed to fit their particular work functions.