IHC TOSH Imaging Expansion

The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Imaging Department experienced past growth in a series of incremental expansions to accommodate the cutting-edge care at TOSH, resulting in a constricted space with undersized rooms and inefficient flows. A need for patient capacity increase, improved flows, and campus master plan reconfiguration necessitated a comprehensive renovation of the existing 4,750sf and an 8,750sf addition to create a state-of-the-art facility.

Design considerations in expanding an Imaging department, included a relocation of the CT, Multipurpose, Ultrasound, Dexa, and Recovery rooms, as well as constructing a new MRI Caring Suite and associated support spaces, and a comprehensive redesign of the entire existing space to meet current code requirements. Additional complexities faced by the project included:

  • Relocating the existing electrical courtyard and high-voltage utility lines to a new electrical building to create the Imaging expansion site.
  • Reorienting the patient entrance from the south to the north and creating a separate corridor for future expansion to support the larger campus master plan design.
  • Designing for connections to multiple separate existing building structures and floor conditions at different points Imaging expansion, which sits at the juncture of five separate buildings and additions.
  • Maintaining full Imaging department operations throughout construction, including a temporary mobile MRI, through careful design phasing and construction scheduling.

The completed project consists of right-sized care spaces with clear, efficient patient and staff flows, and the racetrack layout allows for future expansion with minimal impact to imaging spaces.