Noyes Administrative Building

FFKR’s design assignment for the Noyes Building was to provide seven new classrooms and faculty offices while maintaining the historic character of the building’s exterior. The building was completely gutted and a new three-and-a-half story steel building was virtually constructed inside the seismically fragile masonry shell.

As part of the renovation, the building was made more seismically resistant by removing one wythe of existing brick from the walls, reinforcing the space with “shotcrete,” and anchoring the shotcrete at intervals to the remaining existing brick. The footings and stone foundation were augmented with collar footings tied together with high strength bolts.

The design solution created a formal entrance with a grand stairway and a renovated entry from Center Street. On the southern campus mall entrance, a new multiple-use plaza redefined the new classroom-level entrances and created an interaction space between the campus landmark building and campus pedestrian circulation. College Administration and the Math Department now share the Noyes Building, which remains the focal point of campus.