Perfectly Posh

The goal of this interior design update was to incorporate several additional features desired by the owners, cohesively, into the existing, classy environment. With market positioning that included natural ingredients, pampering, and simplicity, the interiors needed to reflect these values in the surrounding business environment. Perfectly Posh, like other hip young companies, needs to offer employee amenities that will support staff retention and foster a work culture of creativity.    

The design solution showcases the brand beautifully. Sealed concrete floors, exposed ceilings, and wood veneer walls provide a cool backdrop for bright pops of color and bold, wall covering patterns placed throughout the facility. Posh’s mix of private executive-level offices and open office collaboration spaces were rearranged to maximize access to views and daylight

The remodel includes a variety of informal meeting spaces that encourage collaboration. The fun takes a role in this upgrade, with a slippery slide from one floor to the next, ending in the break room space.  Tiered seating and stairs next to the slide activate and energize these circulation spaces. A garage door separates product developers from administrative staff. These “creatives” also have their own game room for unwinding during breaks.

Natural light was a priority for the client from the start and interior glazing systems bring desired passive heat gain and light to the core and open office spaces while taking full advantage of the building’s 360-degree views. Paint and finish materials chosen were low-e. Use of the existing facility slab was a deliberate choice. These sustainable design choices enhance the overall progressive effect of the makeover beautifully.