J.L. Sorenson Physical
Education Building

Southern Utah University’s J.L. Sorenson Physical Education Building is both an educational and a recreational facility. To reduce the impact of a massive 130,000-square-foot building, its functions are separated into individual components connected by a circulation space. The building is comprised of two major spaces: a natatorium and a triple gymnasium. The natatorium has a 50-meter indoor swimming pool with springboard diving and adjustable bulkhead. The triple gymnasium features a suspended running track. These two masses are oriented perpendicular to each other to give them individual expression, with similar curved roof forms to maintain continuity. Placed between these primary spaces are the locker rooms. Above the locker rooms are the main mechanical room, and adjacent to the locker rooms are the racquetball courts. Located across the main circulation space is the three-level building component with physical education support functions on the first level, the Physical Education Department offices on the second level, and Human Performance classroom/labs on the third level. General classrooms and lecture halls are located at the end of the natatorium.