Starbucks Prototypes

FFKR is providing design and construction services for a series of Starbucks Coffee storefronts in various locations across the Western United States. The design prototype can be quickly adapted to site constraints and local building standards for a turnaround of mere days for design and three to six months for the permitting and construction process. The designs incorporate and enlarge on the corporate brand, offering inviting hang-out spaces, an open, airy interior ambiance, free wi-fi, and great sight lines both from the barista’s point of view, and that of the patron, connecting to the outdoors.

Exterior finishes offer a soothing neutral palette; expertly engineered circulation and parking; and low water use, easy-to-maintain landscape features. Many of these coffee shops include unique patio spaces, adapted to the site to accommodate local weather and neighborhoods, such as near major businesses, universities, or shopping destinations. FFKR has also designed a Starbucks-anchored prototype shopping strip mall shell, allowing quick development and occupancy, so incoming business owners can expedite the time to opening day,