Torrent Cycle Studio

Torrent Cycle is Salt Lake’s premier indoor rhythm-based cycling studio with a modern design. The projects design goals were to create a sleek modern, energetic cycling studio. The building had housed a coin shop with winding corridors, safes, pull switches, uneven floors, barred windows, and two attic levels. Creating an entirely curated experience, a specific flow for visitors needed to be designed from the reception desk to the locker rooms to the cycling studio. While a long egress corridor was required to accomplish the flow, the design added to the destination feel through the use of niches and varying ceiling heights that guide visitors to the open locker space with benches. The experiential goals for Torrent Cycle were to move away from the darkroom spin-classes to a community feel where everyone is working in rhythm. During class, the studio is lit by candles, creating a sacred-like mood. The finished renovation is a crisp design that makes Torrent Cycle a destination for the cycling community.