Design Incubator is a monthly creative event, sponsored by FFKR’s Professional Development Committee, meant to spark creativity with a unique challenge every month and provide a forum for discussion and collaboration. In celebration of International Waffle Day on March 25, 2021 our participants were challenged to take inspiration from waffles and apply a cross hatch, parametric design to a space or object of their choosing. The concepts were varied and unique.  Thank you to those that participated and share their ideas.

“In the future, building skin design will be apply to many occasions, it can dramatically change theme, advance the thermal layer with time, and reduce the construction material. The waffle system is one of the prototypes. In this case, it represents the layered and soft features of ‘skin” – Wanwei

“Starting with a simple waffle pattern, I explored the shapes, weights, and distance between lines. The options are endless.” — Heidi

“Pushing, pulling, and eliminating pieces and parts of a waffle can shape a piece of furniture—a desk with drawers, cabinets, and flexible space to store for a waffle lover.” — Malika

“Bending the crossing lines of the waffle into a tube or tunnel that serves as a hub in a busy city.” — Roxy

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