City Creek Office Tower Lobby Renovations

With several prominent commercial real estate properties in its portfolio, the client sought to establish a consistent, Class-A quality brand experience for their office towers. Developing the “At City Creek” experience for Key Bank Tower, World Trade Center Utah, and Gateway Tower West was the design initiative for our Commercial Interiors team. Each property varies in architectural style. Therefore, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to design was not the answer. Our team focused on the following areas to improve the office tower experience:

Concierge and Security Desk – the design moved the desk to a more prominent location in the lobby which improved access for visitors and increased security for tenants. 

Lobby Lounge Area – for each tower, a comfortable space for visitors to gather before going through security creates a sense of belonging and welcoming.

Amenities – to stay competitive in the Class-A Office market, tenant amenities were evaluated and improved. New amenities are available to tenants only and include phone booths, training rooms, fitness rooms, and bike storage.

Our team developed a Brand Guideline through several workshops with the client to define the essential qualities and character. This document served as a brand design guide for the three office towers at City Creek and can be used by the client for future tenant improvements. Signage and wayfinding standards were also developed for the office towers.