Homestead Assisted Living

Homestead Assisted Living Building Four will be the premier facility for the Homestead assisted living and independent living campus. It is a 42 unit three-story facility with a rooftop terrace and gazebo facing Main Street. 

Homestead is designed to offer a great amount of flexibility over the years. Studio units are designed for either single use occupancy or for Medicaid style double occupancy that can change back and forth. One bedrooms units can also function as a “suite style” that can also be converted to two single occupancy Medicaid rooms that share a restroom. Kitchenettes are also provided to allow residents the ability to make their own meals as desired. 

Common areas include Dining, Interactive (staff operated) Kitchen, Library, Activities rooms, lounges, and lobbies.
Features include Fireplaces, radiant heated Gazebo, nooks, and alcoves in the hallways with room for nurse stations as needed on each floor.