Megaplex 13 at The Junction

Megaplex 13 takes its cues from old industrial Ogden City and new global realities, generating fresh forms of expression. The façade combines curved steel beams and glass walls, both transparent and translucent, to visually connect the interior lobby to the streetscape. The geometry of the exterior glass wall reflects the diverse qualities of sunlight; while at night the glass façade takes color from the ever-changing LED lighting inside.

As an essential element of Ogden City’s downtown revitalization project, Megaplex 13 affords experiences beyond its primary function as a movie theater. The food court offers a variety of dining options. Multipurpose rooms provide space for parties and events, and many of the theaters can accommodate large gatherings and conferences. Each of the project’s functions is designed to interact smoothly with the others, creating a pleasant and seamless experience for guests.