• Naples-Fire-Station-Exterior-Entrance

Naples City Fire Station

The Naples City Fire Station is part of the Uintah Fire District. It serves a combination of residential, commercial, agricultural needs, as well as thousands of miles for the oil and gas industry. FFKR researched Naples City’s wide range of specialty equipment and specific materials needs and created a fire station to fulfill all of their current needs as well as anticipated needs for the next 30 years. In response, FFKR created schematic designs, presentation drawings, and renderings. This project required consideration of both the highly technical aspects of fire apparatus and training equipment, and the comfort and safety of the staff. The station functions as a multi-purpose facility. It provides garage space for the trucks and equipment and is an environment where the firemen can work, train, and educate effectively.

FFKR worked with the city and the planning commission to understand the form-based code and ensure that this building set the standard for meeting the new development code. The project was funded by a combination of city funds and contributions from the Utah Community Impact Fund Board (CIB). FFKR assisted with preliminary design work, cost estimates, and application information as Naples City pursued funding with the CIB. Once funding was secured, FFKR continued to coordinate station needs, develop a bid set, and assist with the bidding and contractor selection.