Provo High School
Master Plan

The re-build of Provo High School encompassed over 350,000 square feet of building construction and campus design. Located on a greenfield site, between the rapidly developing residential communities of west Provo and Utah Lake, thoughtful attention was given to low impact development and maximizing land use in order to blend with the surroundings. FFKR provided Architectural, Interior, Planning, and Landscape Architectural design.

FFKR’s Planning and Landscape Architecture studio was tasked with providing the District with a cohesive and efficient campus, incorporating ball fields, sport courts, and multi-purpose fields and open space, while dealing with the many challenges associated with the site. Safety in circulation, and reduction of conflict between pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, and bus traffic informed the design.

Design looked beyond the aesthetic to create a sense of school pride and unity by providing outdoor courtyards, learning environments, and gathering spaces incorporated throughout the landscape. Focus was also placed on durability, sustainability, and integration into the existing community with the finishes and landscape design. Smart use of land form and planting was used to direct, orientate, and screen views where appropriate.